Kettlebell workouts from beginner to advanced routines

Why use the Kettlebell?

Kettlebell workouts are a great way to sculpt, tone and blast those calories! In 1983 Voropayev conducted a study of two subject groups over a period of several years. They were tested to the standard of military style physical fitness tests which includes pull ups, push ups, sit ups, and a 2 mile run. The first group followed the typical style of physical fitness regime which emphasized the above. The second group solely used kettlebell workouts as their fitness regime. Despite of the lack of experience in the other events this group obtained better results in all tested categories. In 1998 it was concluded that kettlebell workouts enable you to rapidly build endurance, strength, fix deficiencies of build, balanced development of all muscle groups, including promoting a healthier lifestyle. According to the American Council on Exercise the kettlebell snatch workout is a total-body movement. Utilized properly studies show this workout can burn up to 20 calories per minute! This equates to an astounding 400 calories in just a 20 minute workout! That is an equivalent of running at a six-minute mile pace. Several methodologies promote all around fitness however they can not deliver the results. Make no mistake kettlebell workouts are proven to deliver the results you want.

Is the kettlebell right for me? Could I get injured?

People from all walks of life have enjoyed the benefits of kettlebell workouts. Expecting mothers, teenagers, martial artists, soccer moms, crossfitters, mature adults, and of course elite professional athletes. Any type of strength training can be hazardous if not performed in proper fashion. Be aware of your surroundings and pay close attention to proper form. You would not want to drop any kettlebell on your foot I can promise you that.

Kettlebell workouts

What size of kettlebell should I start with?

This is best answered by your current physical fitness level, experience with weight training and your strength. If you are new to kettlebell workouts then men should begin with a 12kg (27lb) or 16kg (35lb) and ladies 8kg (18lb). Always go with a weight that is comfortable for you. As you develop strength and skill you will be able to increase the size of your kettlebell.  Kettlebells range in size from 8kg (18lb) to 48kg (106lb). Make sure that you do not increase the size of your kettlebell prematurely just because you feel strong. Kettlebells are dynamic in nature and produce different forces on the body than the standard dumbbell.

What type of kettlebell is right for me?

There are several different types of kettlebells within today’s marketplace. Basically there are two types. Cast-iron kettlebells and competition kettlebells, they have similarities and differences, advantages and disadvantages. On cast-iron kettlebell the diameter of the ball changes proportionally with the weight of the kettlebell. The competition kettlebell remains the same dimensions regardless of the weight.

The cast-iron kettlebell tends to have a larger handle which works great for exercises that require both hands on the kettlebell. The disadvantage with the cast iron kettlebell is lateral movement is hampered due to the larger handle. While the competition style kettlebells tend to hinder two handed workouts since the handle is a bit smaller but no matter the weight of the kettlebell the feel will remain the same. If you are just getting into kettlebell workouts it is recommended that you begin with the cast-iron kettlebell.

kettlebell shoes

Which type of shoes should be worn when completing kettlebell workouts?

First and foremost any shoe with a raised heel such as running shoes should not be worn. There are a lot of people that still wear these types of shoes though. The raised heel will change your center of balance which will effect how the muscles in your back are engaged. You will have to work harder to stay on your heels with many of the workouts. Flat soled shoes like converse all star are recommended for this type of training. If you have the budget you could invest in a weightlifting shoe which is ideal. There are many people that complete these workouts with bare feet.

Kettlebell workouts are not a new concept they are being used more frequently in overall body sculpting and conditioning. No need to wait any longer begin your fitness journey today!