Ultimate Kettlebell Buying Guide

Kettlebells are nothing more than big and small cannonballs with handles attached to them. It’s thought that their use dates back to the dawn of civilized man, as far back as ancient Greek times in fact.

Not to mention, they take up much less space than all the weight training and cardio equipment you’d need to simultaneously build strength and condition your heart and lungs – both goals that a simple kettlebell routine can achieve in the same session.

Hands down, kettlebells are the best bang-for-buck to consider if physical conditioning in the shortest time possible is your main priority.

Keep reading as we unveil our yearly recommendations for choosing the best kettlebells and associated workout gear needed to start training in this popular discipline right away.

Best Kettlebell Sets of the Year:

Buying kettlebells one at a time can get expensive as you build up your collection. There’s definite price advantages to buying in bulk when it comes to kettlebells, as you’re about to learn.

#5 Yes4All Super Cast Iron Kettlebell


This brand has been racking up big points with customers for the last few years. Yes4all is a relatively new company who offer great deals for home users. This no frills set of 5 – 30 lb kettlebells are less expensive than the Body-Solid or Rep brand sets recommended further down, but don’t let that fool you. You do get what you pay for, but the low price makes Yes4all a worthy choice if the budget is really tight.

Each kettlebell is single-cast iron, with wide-grip textured handles for easy gripping. They’re also flat-bottomed for doing bodyweight exercises on the floor during your workouts. One knock on these inexpensive kettlebells is that users have complained the finish on the handles is a bit rough on the hands at times. This is easily solved with an inexpensive pair of gloves specially designed for kettlebell workouts. Check its price on Amazon.

#4 Yes4all Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set


If you prefer your home gym equipment to have a little more color, this vinyl-coated kettlebell set from Yes4all is a great choice. Check around the link provided and you’ll see a number of combinations to choose from to suit your starting budget. As with the Super Cast set, some users find the handles a bit rough on the hands at times and most users will want to wear a set of high-quality lifting gloves while using them.

Like the Super Cast set, these Yes4all vinyl-coated kettlebells are single-cast steel, and the textured steel handles have been left exposed for easy gripping. You won’t get the ultra-durable rubber or matte powder coating offered by the top 3 listed below, but this complete entry-level set will get you working out right away, at a price that’s easy for anyone to handle. Check its price on Amazon.

#3 XMark Fitness Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set

XMark Fitness Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set

This set of XMark Fitness kettlebells is a great choice for any beginner or intermediate user who are looking to complement their home gym with a wide range of kettlebells in a single purchase. This 10 – 35 lb set is by far the best price value, but there are other options on the buy page to choose from if you’re looking to spend less on your first kettlebell purchase.

These are single-cast, vinyl coated kettlebells with exposed competition-rated handles that make them easy to use if you have large hands. XMark kettlebells are of exceptional quality, with easy-to-read lettering and a flat-bottom design for doing kettlebell push-ups, floor dips and a variety of other exercises you can’t do with round-bottom designed kettlebells. Check its price on Amazon.

#2 Rep Kettlebells for CrossFit


This beautifully crafted set of 5 kettlebells (176 lb total) is ranked second on our list of complete kettlebell sets. Rep offers the very best in manufacturing quality and overall price value to customers looking to get started working out with kettlebells at home. Should you prefer paired sets of each kettlebell, a 352 lb set option is also available on Amazon for a reasonable price.

All the kettlebells in this set are marked in both kilograms and pounds for easy identification, with colored band rings for even easier weight identification. Each single-cast steel Rep kettlebell features textured “chalk free” handles, flat bottoms for easy storage and more exercise variety, durable matte powder coating, and come with a generous 90-day warranty that you’ll likely never have to use. Check its price on Amazon.

#1 Body-Solid Premium Kettlebell Set


Body-Solid gets top marks for manufacturing quality, finish, and practicality for a home kettlebell user. You can start with the affordable 5 – 30 lb combination, or jump right into the fire with the 5 – 50 lb set offered to avoid the need to upgrade your collection as you get stronger. The bold lettering makes identifying the differently weighted kettlebells a cinch.

Perhaps the biggest standout feature of these Body-Solid kettlebells is their thick rubber coating, making them perfect for use on finished floors and/or to avoid damaging the cement flooring in your garage or basement gym. The handles are a slick chrome with deceptively great grip quality (they’re very easy to hold onto and help to avoid blisters). Check its price on Amazon.

Top Individual Kettlebell Brands of the Year

On the other hand, you might not be interested in buying a bunch of smaller kettlebells you might never use. Or perhaps you’re only interested in doing heavier weight exercises like swings and goblet squats? Buying kettlebells individually in this case will be definitely more cost effective for you. Check its price on Amazon.

#5 Yes4all Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell


As you learned earlier, this relatively new kettlebell manufacturer offers some of the most inexpensive quality kettlebells out there. Their weight range starts at 5 pounds and goes all the way up to the massive 60 lb mark. Buy just one or build your own customized set with these low-priced, quality kettlebells.

Each Yes4all kettlebell is made from single-cast iron steel to ensure the handle never snaps off during rough use. The flat-bottomed design allows for plenty of versatility for doing deficit push-ups or Renegade Rows. The consistent, wide handle width is also an excellent feature of these kettlebells that’s not found in other inexpensive options. Check its price on Amazon.

#4 CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell


Next on our list of individual kettlebell recommendations are CAP Barbell’s 15 – 80 lb enamel-coated cast iron kettlebells. CAP rarely get the credit they deserve among “kettlebell gear snobs.” This is mainly because they actually make pretty sub-par quality barbells – this despite their company name!

But their kettlebells are a different story. These kettlebells are solid-cast iron, with a flat-bottomed designed that offers the user an array of additional bodyweight exercises to add to their routine. The enamel coating on these kettlebells has a smooth and polished look and texture, so you’ll want to consider buying a pair of grip-enhancing gloves to use them with, as chalk doesn’t adhere to smooth finishes very well. Check its price on Amazon.

#3 SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettlebell


SPRI got their start in the fitness industry by creating the very first rubber resistance bands years ago. In the past few years, they’ve been adding premium workout gear like these deluxe vinyl kettlebells to their product lineup. This kettlebell lineup consistently gets top marks with consumers.

SPRI offers these quality single-cast kettlebells in weights ranging from 5 – 50 lbs. The design of the exposed textured steel handles are actually this product’s standout feature: Regardless of what size you buy, the handles are all sized to Olympic regulation size, so two handed gripping is never a problem. All SPRI kettlebells are flat-bottomed for maximum workout versatility. Check its price on Amazon.

#2 Fitness Solutions LLC Hammertone Kettlebell

Fitness Solutions LLC Hammertone Kettlebell

Now we’ve arrived at the top 2 of our list of individual kettlebell recommendations. Fitness Solutions LLC makes, arguably, the very nicest looking kettlebells out there. Each 5 – 65 lb kettlebell has a unique multi-layered gray/silver paint that will surely be the first thing everyone sees when they enter your home gym. The finish just screams “quality”!

When you pay a few bucks more, the quality level really goes up. The entire single-cast kettlebell, including the handle, has been machined smooth down to perfection. You’ll never cut yourself or rip your clothing using these kettlebells. The handles on the LLC Hammertone kettlebells are extra large and uniquely contoured inside to allow for multiple grip positioning and maximum dexterity while in use. Check its price on Amazon.

#1 Titan Fitness Cast Iron Kettlebells


If you’re looking for the brand that makes the very best kettlebells on the market, without paying $3 per pound as you would for a Rogue or Eleiko kettlebell, choose Titan. These truly uniquely designed kettlebells will last you forever. One of the great features of this brand, aside from their attention-to-detail and overall quality design, is that they offer an excellent range of weight to choose from. You can choose weights ranging from 5 – 100 lbs.

Titan creates all their flat-bottomed, wide-grip kettlebells using a unique gravity casting process, which results in an ultra-refined product designed for maximum durability, under the harshest of usage conditions. Each kettlebell is finished in an indestructible black matte finish that will scream “hardcore” to anyone who visits your home gym! Check its price on Amazon.

Should You Consider Adjustable Kettlebells?

Adjustable kettlebells are a decent alternative if you don’t plan to lift very much weight and/or don’t have the storage space for multiple kettlebells in your home.

The resistance limitations of adjustable vary from one manufacturer to the next. Keep in mind that the more weight you’re able to put on and take off an adjustable, the larger and more awkward they’ll get when handling them. This makes them less ideal for doing heavy swings, squats, lunges, presses and a number of other common exercises.

We recommend adjustable kettlebells to people who plan to lift no more than 5 – 40 lbs during their routines.

If this sounds like an option worth considering, here are our top 2 recommendations for adjustable kettlebells:

#2 PowerBlock Kettle Block

PowerBlock Kettle Block

PowerBlock are famous for their popular line of adjustable dumbbells. So, it should come as no surprise that their adjustable Kettle Block adjustable kettlebells are equally popular among home users. They offer two options: 1) A unit that holds up to 20 lbs of weight. 2) Another that holds up to 40 lbs in weighted resistance plates.

The weight plates are easy to slide in and out of the case, and won’t come loose while you work out. They’re also color-coded by weight, and there’s a handy chart on the top of the case to tell you which plates to remove or add to get the desired resistance you’re looking for. As with all PowerBlock products, the Kettle Block comes with a lifetime in-use warranty. Check its price on Amazon.

#1 Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell


The Stamina Versa-Bell is the Cadillac of adjustables. It replaces up to 6 individual kettlebells, saving you tons of floor space. While the Kettle Block above is a decent and affordable choice, its design makes it bulky compared to a standard kettlebell of equal weight. This Stamina adjustable has a rounded, streamlined design that allows for up to 36 lbs of resistance, while its dimensions are no bigger than a volleyball.

The handle and interior frame are both made of solid steel, with an aesthetic red plastic housing surrounding the weight plates. Weights are easily changed by simply pulling out the locking pin, then removing the steel weight plates 4 lbs at a time. The base is wide and sturdy enough to use for doing exercises like deficit push-ups, floor dips and kettlebell rows – especially if you decide to buy a second one. Check its price on Amazon.

Storage Recommendation for Your Kettlebells

Body-Solid Kettle Bell Rack


You could just toss your kettlebells in a corner or under a bench somewhere. However, if you want easier access that will give your home gym a more polished, organized look, we recommend the Body Solid Kettle Bell Rack. There’s really no better option to consider.

First, this rack looks great with its smooth black finish and offset storage tiers. Next, it holds up to 6 kettlebells weighing up to 50 pounds each!

The main standout feature to consider next is that the unique design of the main support spine in relation to the shelving gives this rack a footprint that’s easily a third smaller than the next nearest competitor (20″W x 19″D x 21″H). At just 19 pounds when unloaded, moving the rack around your workout area is a snap too.

Body-Solid guarantees against manufacturing defects for as long as you own their products. Their unique in-home warranty means that should anything become damaged because of poor welds, drill points or weak metal parts, they’ll send a repair rep to your home, free of charge, to fix it. Check its price on Amazon.

Wrist Protection

While kettlebell exercises are considered the best for combining strength and conditioning into one easy routine, some of them can wreak havoc on the wrists. We always recommend buying the KettleGuard Kettlebell Wrist Guard to use during your workouts.

Buy two if you plan to do two-handed exercises. Trust us, you’ll come back here and thank us one day when all your other ‘kettlebell-ing’ friends start complaining about wrist problems!

And don’t forget to purchase a pair of good weight lifting gloves if you’re buying one of the lower-rated kettlebells listed, as they could potentially have rough edges on the handles that may cause blisters and even cuts while doing certain exercises.


Buying your first kettlebell or set of kettlebells is the first, rewarding step toward a stronger, more physically fit you. Studies show that kettlebells lead to more strength and cardiovascular fitness than standard weight or cardio conditioning exercises done separately, in a much shorter period.

Don’t spend too much time stressing over which brand you should choose, or whether you’ll stick with your routine or not. The key is to make the choice to get started today and just stick with your routine one day at a time.

Just think how much leaner, stronger and physically fit you’ll be in just a couple of short months after adding kettlebell movements into your routine. The sky’s the limit – good luck and happy lifting!

Ultimate Kettlebell Buying Guide

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